Monday, November 26, 2012

Speed Bump

These past two weeks have been less than stellar. I went on vacation the second weekend of November and ate... a lot. I gained 2 pounds over that weekend and it really upset me when I got back. I also did not keep up with my exercising so when Dan, Tell, and I went running the following Thursday (we had to skip Monday) it was much harder than it should have been. We changed up our routine a little and ran on a track instead of our usual run at the park. Instead of 2 miles we did a mile but in intervals, meaning we sprinted the straight parts and walked the curves. My breathing was labored, my shins were in a lot of pain, and I felt dizzy. I felt like a loser. And because this past week was a holiday week we were off our regular schedules and did not have the chance to meet at all and I did not keep up with exercising on my own..

This is a common theme with me. I usually do really well for 2 or 3 weeks and then I get depressed that I have not accomplished my goal. I realize that it takes more than a few weeks to lose any significant amount of weight but when I get depressed like that I usually start eating more and exercising less. This obviously means that I gain back everything I lost in the time I did really well and then have to start all over again. This is an extremely frustrating cycle, which is why I have resorted to fad diets (which I'll write about more later) in order to lose weight quickly.

Which brings us back to why I started this whole lifestyle change/blog. I need to learn to exercise regularly and eat better routinely. I also need to stop getting in my own way and give myself some leeway in order to make small mistakes, learn from them, and overcome them instead of them making me stop altogether. This is all easier said than done but hopefully with a little accountability and support I can push through this minor bump and still keep going.

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