Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Flying solo

Monday marked another milestone. Tell and I were forced to run sans trainer and I must say....we were awesome! We ran for two miles and finished it in the fastest time we have logged yet at 21 minutes. It definitely wasn't as easy as it would have been with Dany there to cheer us on but Tell and I tried to encourage one another (as well as we could while still trying to breath) and afterwards we both felt pretty triumphant at our accomplishment.

Today I took in a step further and ran on my own. I did 1.81 miles and it was a lot harder for me. I don't hold myself very accountable (thus, the blog) so usually I give in pretty easy and quit as soon as I feel any discomfort. But today I did a lot better than I have in the past. I have been using Nike+ to track my progress and they have this cool feature that lets you link your account to Facebook so people can see you're running and cheer you on by liking the activity. I got two likes while I was running and each time I heard the cheers on my phone it really helped pump me up and push through my discomfort.

Here is a basic outline of what our plan is been in case anyone out there is interested. We run two days a week and run two miles each time. During the first two weeks we ran for two minutes and walked for one and repeated this pattern until we were done with two miles. Starting this week (our third week) we have been running for three minutes and walking for one, repeating until 2 miles is completed. Dany has threatened us with doing three miles and although I am dreading this push a little, I know it's necessary in order for us to progress and keep pushing ourselves.

My eating habits have also changed the past three weeks. I have taken some advice that Dany gave me and have been trying to eat 100-200 calorie meals/snacks every two hours. I work from home so on the days when I'm not doing visits and am  able to be home it is a lot easier. On those days when I'm in the car I have to put more thought in to what I am going to take with me so I can make sure to always have food with me it's harder. I have been relying a lot on yogurt, nuts, and string cheese. This is definitely an area I need to work a little harder in because in the past I have just starved myself during the day because I didn't have food accessible and I'd eat a ton at night to make up for it. If anyone has any suggestions (please remember I almost never have access to a microwave) I would appreciate it.

Weight update: I have lost 1.4 pounds since I started running on October 22.

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