Sunday, February 10, 2013

Goals Update

Since my last post I have been working on achieving the goals I set. Officially I have only met one of my goals, which was running my first 5k. However, I do not feel like I failed. Here's a recap of the goals I set:

1. Complete my first 5k race.
2. Incorporate weight training in to my weekly routine. I want to start doing this 2 times a week for 10 minutes each time and build up to 30 minutes. I want this goal to be accomplished by the end of February.
3. Lose 3 inches overall by January 31. I did my initial measurements on December 27 so this will give me 5 weeks to accomplish this.

I have included weight training and actually didn't have to build up to 30 minutes but was able to do that right away. I have been doing a 30 minute weight lifting class at the Zumba studio I go to which has been fun. It's called Power Up and if anyone is interested in adding some pretty easy weight routines I recommend this class. The only reason I haven't done it two times a week is that I was sick for a few days this past month and it messed up my work out schedule and I wasn't able to make it up. But other than that little break I have done really well towards completing this goal.

The last goal was to lose 3 inches and when I measured myself I had lost 2. Even though I didn't lose the 3 inches I was planning on I am still really, really excited about this. It's been hard to find motivation because the number on the scale isn't getting lower but losing inches, any amount, is a great motivator!

I have slacked off a little on my running but part of that was because I'm not feeling well and having a crazy schedule. On the bright side, Tell is moving in with me soon for a few months so it'll be great having a work out buddy around 24/7! I have also started training my husband to run and we, along with Dany, Tell, Freddy, and some other friends, have signed up for The Color Run that is taking lace in Atlanta on 4/6! I think it'll be good to have another race looming in my future to prepare for. Meanwhile, I've been doing Zumba and adding the weights in so at least I haven't been completely lazy! :)

Here are the goals I want to accomplish next:

1. Continue to incorporate weight training in to my weekly routine. I want to do this 2 times a week for 30 minutes. I want this goal to be accomplished by the end of February.
1. Be below 150 pounds by the end of February (I'm at 152.2 as of this morning)
2. Lose another inch (Measurements will be taken February 28)
3. Complete Nike+ goal of burning 4,000 calories per week

Stay tuned for some posts regarding the fad diets I've tried in the past...

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